One community at a time.

Creating a better world through change in our youth one community at a time


The Table Community Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

At TCF, we’re not just an organization; we’re a force for positive change. We see challenges as opportunities and believe in innovative solutions that empower both our communities and the people within them. We collaborate with fellow non-profits, local stakeholders, and community members to build a better world. Through these partnerships, we provide the tools and resources needed to create a safe, vibrant, and inclusive environment where living, working, and playing thrive.

Our unique perspective centers on the individual within the community. We hold a special belief: “no child is a product of their community, but rather a product of the opportunities made available to them.”

We’re at The Table ready to – Love, Serve, Unite…

Love: Love is our foundation, driving everything we do. It’s through love that we extend our support, protection, and growth to the community.

Serve: Service isn’t just what we provide; it’s who we are. We’re dedicated to offering the best interactions, consistent communication, and exceptional experiences for our communities. 

Unite: TCF’s essence lies in unity. We blend diverse communities and stakeholders, fueling strong bonds that amplify voices, sharpen leadership, and nurture growth. Together, we thrive.

So go ahead, grab a seat, and join us at  – The Table!

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