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What we do

Our Programs​

We understand that we are working with our youth during critical aspects of their life and journey which is why we focus on providing:

  •  Educational programs that include academic support through arts programming, mentoring and enrichment activities in a safe and caring environment
  • Legacy Sports programs that build confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and healthy habits

The unique quality about the programs we offer is they can be used together or separately based on community need.


The Table Community Foundation (TCF) offers Expanded Learning Opportunities Programs (ELO-P) to TK through 8th-grade students, collaborating with local school districts to provide enriching experiences beyond regular school hours.

Our programs focus on academic, social, emotional, and physical development through hands-on activities. In partnership with 4 local school districts, and developed in accordance with Quality Standards for ELO-P in California, TCF’s programs foster relationship-building, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Participants, known as “Legacy Builders,” enjoy extracurricular activities, nutritious snacks, enrichment, and tutoring, with a strong emphasis on interactive experiences and project-based learning guided by Group Leaders and professionals. TCF’s interactive After School Programs employ the TEAMS3 of WEALTH curriculum, covering subjects aligned with the TEAMS (Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) framework and WEALTH (Wellness, Experience/Efficacy, Appreciation, Livelihood, Talent, Hope).

These programs, supported by state and federal funding, prioritize schools with a significant number of students from lower-income households, offering a comprehensive educational experience during critical before and after-school hours.


Attitude, Integrity & Maturity

Founded in 2007, A.I.M is a peer-to-peer mentorship program for Junior High and High School students. The mission is to transform students into better people by teaching them the skills needed to become successful leaders. Relationships built between mentors and mentees improves students’ study skills, organizational strategies and behavior.


We understand that there are many ways to engage with youth to propel them towards success. Our legacy sports program was created to build confidence, leadership, teamwork, healthy habits and strategic thinking in a safe and fun environment. In almost all our legacy sports programs, youth have access to collegiate, semi-professional and professional players/coaches, which gives them the opportunity to learn from multiple perspectives.

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